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Angela Pleasant


Another update on what God is doing for our son Matthew. I've asked God to open the heart of his wife Amy so she can see how good God is. Today she posted this in Facebook. "Two months ago Matt had a ruptured brain aneurysm. Now, Matt is almost back to his normal self just working on building his strength back so he can return to work. The doctors say he is a lucky man. I am so thankful for the response time of st clair shores paramedics, the doctors, nurses and surgeons at St John's, all the love and support from our family and friends. Things could have been way different but we were blessed with a miracle." Thank God that she knows that God loves them and blessed them with a miracle.


For Jeanetta Lamb and whole family Please pray for my nephew Keith that cannot stop drinking.


Pray for our son Michael Pettovello. Michael lives in Japan and chooses to stay there to be near his daughters. But now he is in anguish over not being able to see his daughters since March. At one point he was able to occasionally video chat with them, but his ex wife ignores his calls and pleas to see his girls. She has used Covid as an excuse to completely cut him off. No Christmas calls or contact. She recently told him to back off because she has a new family now. Today was particularly hard on him as it is his daughter's 10th birthday. He feels hurt and powerless. Japan's legal system is not father or foreigner friendly when it comes to visitation. Please pray that his ex wife and her new husband soften their hearts and allow Michael to visit with his girls again and/or Michael is able to find a legal solution so he can have regular face to face visits and calls. Pray also that he will hear the voice of God in the midst of his grief and embrace the peace of God and find life, peace and joy in the presence of God.


An update on our son Matthew. Matthew visited the neurosurgeon and was told he was at the top of his list for recovering from a burst aneurysm, both physically and neurologically. This is by the grace of God. He is planning on returning to work after he has an angiogram on February 8th. Despite no source of income, God has continued to provide for their financial needs. Pray the angiogram goes well and that Matthew will have the physical and emotional stamina to go back to work.