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3816 Toledo Detroit MI

services: sundays 10:30 am

 Messiah Church is more than a building. We are a congregation of unique people… inner city, suburban…racially, culturally, politically, and economically diverse. We are People of the Way…

We pray that Messiah is a place where people continue to gather together for worship, instruction, fellowship, sacrament, and service to the very end. A place where we help one another, as we are helped by God’s Word, his Spirit, and his love. A place that offers a safe haven, a sanctuary for those who are wounded, troubled, and in despair…where the mercy of God is found.  Our size and growth is not the most important thing....what matters is that God is good, he is faithful, he is with us, we are his and that we continue to do his will here at Messiah. 

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aUGUST 1ST, 2022

first service as full time pastor:  august 8  10:30

Jeff Hunt has been a gem in our midst. He has proved himself faithful to this congregation and to this neighborhood. He stayed and hung onto his vision for this Church.

We feel Jeff Hunt has been called by God to shepherd, to preach, to teach and to lead this congregation into the future and has the ability to enflame our hearts with a renewed love for our Master. Along with this, we feel that Jeff already loves and cares for us, he really “gets us”, understands us, and doesn’t envy or fear our unique legacy. He is also uniquely equipped to lead our congregation to continue Messiah’s passion for evangelism, mercy, and rescuing lost sheep… to help us to fulfill our vision of being a city on a hill, a light in the darkness.

Jeff has a deep compassion and commitment to our neighborhood, living here and ministering to its needs in various capacities for years.  We expect him to embolden us to step outside of our walls joining him in building new, healthy, and enduring relationships with our hurting neighbors. We believe he will inspire us, push us out of our comfort zones, lead us to heal divisions, and draw people who are looking for a special kind of integrity, honesty, and authenticity in their pastor, a pastor who is Kingdom focused and not focused on status, church hierarchy, or packaged programs.

We expect Jeff to prove himself to be an able administrator, to be a wise counselor, a good listener, a peacemaker, a man ever willing to pray and comfort us through our losses, sicknesses, and trials. We expect him to grow and blossom into the man God called him to be.

We are looking forward to being led by a man with a true shepherd’s heart. A man who is humble. A man who loves our Lord with all he has. A man who lives and loves like Jesus. A man burning with a desire to lead many into the loving, forgiving arms of Jesus. A man who isn’t afraid to bring light into the darkest of places.  

May Jeff Hunt meet and exceed all these expectations in the name, mercy, and power of Jesus

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