Welcome to messiah church

3816 Toledo Detroit MI

services: sundays 10:30 am


 Messiah Church is more than a building. We are a congregation of unique people… inner city, suburban…racially, culturally, politically, and economically diverse. We are People of the Way…

We pray that Messiah is a place where people continue to gather together for worship, instruction, fellowship, sacrament, and service to the very end. A place where we help one another, as we are helped by God’s Word, his Spirit, and his love. A place that offers a safe haven, a sanctuary for those who are wounded, troubled, and in despair…where the mercy of God is found.  Our size and growth is not the most important thing....what matters is that God is good, he is faithful, he is with us, we are his and that we continue to do his will here at Messiah. 

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