Messiah's legacy

Something special and unique happened in this place. Thousands of lives were transformed in this sanctuary where people of all ages, ethnicities, and economic positions met the Living God. The presence of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit was so alive and vibrant that people far and wide were changed forever. The impact of this blessing is still reverberating today in ways measured and known by God alone.

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dick bieber archives

Dick Bieber served as pastor of Messiah from 1958-1988. 

God used him to touch the hearts of many for our Master during this time. Dick went on to serve as pastor for a few terms at Our Saviour Church in Nova Scotia. He continued serving the Lord preaching, writing, shepherding up until the end of his earthly life in December 2021. 

The archive of his sermons and other writings are found at the Maranatha Mirror website. Maranatha Mirror shares his messages online, via email, and social media. His sermons at Messiah were recorded between 1972 and 1988. Many are available digitally. 

   Maranatha Mirror Website (archives of Dick Bieber)

  Audio Sermons of Richard Bieber  


  Online archive of Richard Bieber's books